Costco Live Ticket Marketplace
Resources for Costco Live Vendors

Costco Live Tickets has joined Travel, Auto, Pharmacy and Tire Center in the online marketplace, with unique and exciting offers for Sporting Events, Concerts, Theatre, National Touring Shows, Festivals and much more, available exclusively to Costco’s 60M+ Members!


Following are Vendor resources and steps to follow, to assist in preparing to join Costco Live.


1. Review the Information Package regarding listing a program with Costco Live.

2. TicketOps is Costco’s digital delivery partner. Once an offer is agreed upon between Costco and vendor, TicketOps and vendor will execute the legal Agreement and two associated Exhibits:


a.  TicketOps-Vendor Agreement with Accounting and Exhibit A word document


b.  Exhibit A word document


c.  Accounting Exhibit word document

3. Once the Agreement, Exhibit A, and the Accounting Exhibit are fully executed and returned to TicketOps, vendor will complete and submit to your TicketOps Account Manager:

a.  This content PDF with all the necessary information in order for TicketOps to build the landing page and create the voucher.


b.  The list of unique codes / PINS for the voucher.

Voucher Examples

Once vendor has completed all necessary steps, TicketOps will send a test voucher to the vendor to ensure the code is working as it should. After final approval from the vendor, TicketOps will work to take your offer Live!


Costco Contacts

For questions related to your offer and joining the Costco Live Ticket Marketplace:

Robert Poole, Costco Tickets Buyer | | 425.313.2525

Nick Carlson, Costco Assistant Tickets Buyer | | 425.313.8674

TicketOps Contacts

For questions related to the legal Agreement and Exhibits or the onboarding process:

Tahra Dennett, Senior Account Manager |
604.259.2943 |
866.363.0656 ext 24

Jack Hall, Account Manager | | 604.901.2996 | 866.363.0656 ext 43

Robyn Broomfield, Account Representative | | 604.259.2534 | 866.363.0656 ext 36

For questions related to invoices and payments:

Nikoleta Dechev, Financial Analyst |
647.931.2675 | 866.363.0656 ext 44